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  • Open Reflector Optimale koeling
  • 95% Reflectiviteit Elektrolytisch gepolijst band gelakt aluminium
  • Geen hotspots op het plantendek
  • Diffuus voor hoge uniformiteit van het licht Uniforme verdeling van het licht
  • Langere levensduur van de lamp Verhoogde levensduur van de lamp door lagere temperaturen
  • Gemakkelijke vervanging van de reflector Geen gedoe, gemakkelijk en snel

Bij de ontwikkeling van de reflectoren stonden efficiëntie en uniformiteit centraal. Elke lichtstraal gaat ofwel direct naar de plant, of kaatst slechts eenmaal tegen het 99,99% pure aluminium voordat deze de plant raakt. Het unieke ontwerp van de DLI-reflector zorgt voor een uniform lichtbeeld en een gelijkmatige plantengroei.

1000W DE and 600W DE

(Compatible with all DE light fixtures in the JOULE Series)

Material Specification:
Manufactured from Electrochemically Brightened Aluminium coated with a super pure reflection layer of 99.99% pure aluminium

The Reflector – Redefined

The engineering principles behind the DLI Open Reflector are a culmination of over a decade of research and development. The team works with a ranging group of some of the best horticulturists around the globe; each of who specialise in plant and varietal specific production processes for the ornamental, and commercial flower market. Dutch Lighting Innovations has allowed these groups a new level of consistency, reliability, and quality unparalleled in the niche world of growing the best flowers and plants on Earth!

The DLI reflectors are manufactured to have the highest possible total reflectance at all wavelengths from 400 to 700 nm giving excellent PAR rendition. The integrated hemispherical reflectance is over 95% with an absence of iridescence colours in the louvre.


Electrochemically Brightened Aluminium 

The DLI reflectors are made from an electrochemically brightened high purity aluminium substrate coil, and start with an anodised base coat which gives a hard support to minimize abrasion damage. The material is then treated under vacuum with specially developed processes to maximise coating adhesion and is vacuum coated with a super pure reflection layer of 99.99% pure aluminium.

These reflection layers are overlaid with a dual layer oxide system tuned for maximum visible reflection enhancement. This serves to increase the overall reflectivity provided by the metallic layers and adds protection against damage.

Efficiency and uniformity have been the main focus in the development of the Flowers-only reflector. Each ray of light coming from the lamp will either be transmitted directly to the plants or will only hit the 99.99% pure aluminium once before being transmitted to the plant. The unique design of the DLI reflector and the high uniformity of the light the reflector projects results in less hotspots on the canopy and a more even plant growth.

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