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Dutch Lighting Innovations

Dutch Lighting Innovations (DLI) is a collective of great minds with decades of experience in the Business to Business (to consumer) horticultural industries. Our engineers have listened to customers, and developed a brand new range of Dutch horticultural lighting products which the proven manufacturing techniques of existing commercial lighting products with modern manufacturing processes. The outcome; a suite of horticultural lighting products designed to improve user experience and enhance end results.

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Grow light manufacturer

Dutch Lighting Innovations manufactures its own grow lights in the Netherlands for flower and plant growers. We have a product line for both HPS and LED fixtures. Our fixtures distinguish themselves by their user-friendliness, design and life span. These core values ensure that our customers can generate the maximum yield per m2.


Commercial grow lights

For consumers and small indoor growers, we make adapted fixtures to suit their needs. For example, we offer fittings with both wide and deep reflectors and the lamps are easy to clean. If you have any questions, send us a message at info@dutchlightinginnovations.com or Instagram.

DLI APEX-SERIES LED Toplighting Fixture 800 FS-DS

Dutch Lighting Innovations introduces the DLI APEX Series 800 FS DC. This is the first 1000W HPS replacement capable of achieving higher light output with less power input. Thanks to the optimum light distribution, this fixture is perfectly suited for use in any situation.  Also passive cooling is achieved through the venturi effect brought about by the unique positioning of the LED bars in the fixture. 

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foldable lighting fixture


Due to the compact and foldable design, the transport and installation of a lighting fixture has never been simpler. DLI presents the DLI DIODE Series Multilayer, the fixture that sets the standard for easy cultivation. We have created a practical and simple fixture without compromising our tried and tested quality.  

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DLI Horti-Series 1000W DE-DC

A low-maintenance fixture that guarantees quality, reliability and a long lifespan: Dutch Lighting Innovations offers a lighting fixture perfectly tailored to the needs of growers. The DLI HORTI-Series 1000W DE DC is an innovative lighting fixture that delivers a competitive edge to boost your yield.  

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