DLI HORTI-Series HPS fixtures

Dutch lighting Innovations HORTI-SERIES HPS FIXTURES

Project specific

For many years, growers had to do with lighting installations which were not perfectly tailored to their specific situation. Those days are finally behind us! Dutch Lighting Innovations produces horticultural lighting solutions for every crop and for every specific situation.
That is the reason that DLI has reinvented the HPS fixture.

Dutch lighting Innovations HORTI-SERIES HPS FIXTURES

The new standard

The new HORTI-series of DLI is the new standard in the market. Because of the unique positioning of the ballast and by using only the best materials, DLI has succeeded in developing a fixture that is unsurpassed in it’s ability to cool the electronics. Proper cooling of the electronics increases the lifespan and greatly increases reliability. Independent tests confirm that the DLI HORTI-series is the coolest fixture available on the market today.

Due to the low profile of the housing it is possible to install the fixtures at greater height, which increases the light uniformity on the crop.

Dutch lighting Innovations HORTI-SERIES HPS FIXTURES
Dutch lighting Innovations HORTI-SERIES HPS FIXTURES

Efficiency and uniformity

During the development of the reflector, DLI has focused on efficiency and uniformity. Every ray of light coming from the reflector either goes directly to the plant, or is reflected only once by the 99,99% pure aluminum reflector before it reaches the plant. The mounting brackets are custom made for each project. The brackets are designed so that the fixture is easy to install and is always level.

Dutch lighting Innovations HORTI-SERIES HPS FIXTURES

High quality product

Next to the trusted HPS fixtures, DLI also offers a wide range of energy efficient LED fixtures, the DLI DIODE-series. Our HPS and LED fixtures can either be used in a hybrid, full LED or full HPS installation. All DLI fixtures are developed by an experience team of professionals, and that shows! The fixtures do exactly what they are designed to do: They assist you to deliver a high quality product, year round and for many years to come!

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