Our Lighting Calculator Explained

The Dutch Lighting Innovations Light Calculator

We have been developing a light calculator to allow you to calculate the number of lights you would need to buy in order to achieve the micromoles in any given grow room*

In this blog, we outline briefly how to use the calculator.

Please note, the calculator currently only includes the DE 1000W fixtures, further light fittings will be made available once they are released in to the public domain.

(*from 3 x 3 metres upwards)

Feet coming soon

Feet coming soon

Measured in ┬Ámol/m2s

More Fixture Types Coming Soon

Once you’ve input your details, you’ll be able to press “See your Results”

If you’re viewing on a desktop machine, you’ll be able to download a PDF versionof your results. Unfortunately, due to the number of different attributes, the PDF version is not available on mobile devices.

This is only meant as a rough guide, please contact us if you require a more accurate lighting plan.


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