Interlighting Modules Compared

Let us explain why the DLI Interlight is the best Interlight:

Even light-spread is key

Both sides of the DLI 96W Interlight Fixture have a lightspread of 150 degrees. This is a very important feature of the DLI Interlight Fixture.

An even lightspread is always important, so also when the distance between the lightsource and the plants is as little as 4 inches.

The DLI 96W Interlight has a footprint of about 2’-6” x 6’-4” at a distance of 4 inches. Because the Interlight is bidirectional, the total footprint will cover a surface of almost 32 sqft. DLI spreads the light on a surface that is pretty much 6 times bigger than what competitors do resulting in a more even light-spread for a larger part of the plant, without creating hotspots on the plants.

Efficiency is very important

Efficiency is the amount of energy needed to create a certain amount of growth light. The DLI 96W Interlight Fixture has a powerconsumption of 96W and a light output of 240 micromol/s. This means the efficiency is 2.5 micromol/W. This makes the DLI 96W Interlight fixture one of the most efficient LED Fixtures.


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