Expansion of the DLI team

Dutch Lighting Innovations is an innovative company that develops and produces HPS and LED lighting systems for horticulture worldwide. Due to the large international growth in recent years, expansion of the salesforce, logistics and development team is necessary for further growth.
After having built up Dutch Lighting Innovations for 5 years abroad, taking large marketshares in USA, Canada and Australia, the time has come to grow much bigger in The Netherlands, Europe and Russia. Due to the change of suppliers of lighting systems, we are in a better position to serve the home market with regards to staffing. A well known team is now ready to serve the market worldwide.
Some very experienced people from the horticulture lighting industry chose to join the DLI team. Dennis Janmaat and Arjan Pauw were hired for the sales of horticulture lighting worldwide, Jan Mulder for research and development and Pim van Eijk for purchasing and logistics. In order to better streamline delivery and production, a new warehouse will be established in Aalsmeer so that further growth can proceed smoothly. DLI will continue to develop new innovations and more efficient LED fixtures.

For more information or inquiries feel free to contact us at www.dutchlightinginnovations.com or call +31 492 264 309



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