DLI has donated five DLI DIODE-series LED fixtures

DLI has donated five DLI DIODE-series LED fixtures in 4 different spectra to Kempenhorst College. To
give their students the opportunity to experience and study the effects of the different spectra on
their own plants. As our name suggests one of the core values of Dutch Lighting Innovations is innovation. To be able
to innovate it is important to gain knowledge and this starts where most people lay the foundation
for their knowledge, in school.

DLI-Canna- kempenhorst-college

The students have been provided with LED grow lights, grow tents, tomato seeds, two different kinds
of substrates and they have the choice between two different kinds of CANNA nutrients that match
with the CANNA substrate of choice. The team of students that produces the best tomato will
ultimately win the competition. The one key component that was still missing were the grow lights
required for successful indoor cultivation. Without natural sunlight, growing competition worthy
tomatoes would be impossible.

At the end of 2020 Dutch Lighting Innovations was approached by CANNA, a world renowned Dutch
manufacturer of high quality fertilizers and substrates, with a focus on indoor gardening. For years
CANNA has sponsored a project at the Kempenhorst College in Oirschot, the Netherlands. The
project is organized by means of a competition between the participating students
CANNA approached Dutch Lighting Innovations to see if we would be willing to sponsor this project
by donating a number of DLI DIODE-Series LED fixtures. The team at DLI did not have to think twice
and we gladly sponsored this project. At DLI we believe that the foundation for future innovation
starts with exciting today’s youth about gaining knowledge in their chosen field.

Team DLI wishes all the participating teams luck in this competition, may the best team win!
Follow the link below to read more about this project and to follow the progress of the participating
teams. Here you can also find detailed information about the complete CANNA product line.



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